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Bruno Jacobs

The thresholds of time

They are found everywhere, in every street and on top of every house: a multitude of forms that constitutes a type of architecture based on limit or frontier, heteroclite pieces of buildings patinated by the weather. It is as if these corniches and abandoned roofs, these dilapidated walls of bricks and old chimneys all belonged to another dimension, as if they were celestial with their elevated, open aesthetics and impaired by their own physicality.

The maturity that these thresholds halfway to the sky have acquired through the years exhibits a slower, different kind of time in which there would be another kind of time. And the weather, bathing in this time, turns much more present through the clouds that gives the day its plasticity.

Foreign to human presence for years or even decades, they belong to the domain of the wind, of the rain and of the pigeons. They are so close to the street, and yet there is a whole universe of inaccessibility within the hidden and unknown concealed (...) Leer más


Surrealism and the cultural sphere

When I hear the word “culture” I see ploughed fields, oxes,
a lark and a beautiful peasant woman.

— Louis Scutenaire

The surrealist movement’s relationship with the cultural sphere has been ambiguous from the beginning for the simple reason that it prioritised certain interventions in areas that also are central ones in the dominating cultural domain. It has therefore been possible, both within and outside surrealism, to perceive it as an more or less radical opposition or alternative to established culture rather than to the broader foundations of bourgeois society, which constitutes its real raison d'être.

It is of course not culture in its general, let us say more popular and positive meaning we have in mind, rather its formal expression as institution, as means of consumption, in other words as a pretext. It is by the way characteristic that this ambiguity between culture in general and its formalised expression with all its economic and ideologic interests, its elites, bureaucracy and norms is willingly being maintained precisely from these quarters with the confusion that follows. It is namely a matter of sucking up what can be profitable in one way or another and ignoring everything that cannot (...) Leer más


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