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30 Spoonerisms

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1. to go to Togo

2. menstrual cash flow

3. eczema, ecce homo

4.  i like your lichen

5. What is your favourite drink?  Madonna on the rocks, of course.

6. oil tongue: Langue d¨Oïl

7. silicone lexicon

8. twelve–inch single seeks long–playing blonde

9. with fur in my tongue, with tar in my fungi

10. a fussy fuzzy pussy

11. back in the microgroove

12. very nice, Berenice

13. sepia homo sapiens

14. The Rite of Spring Roll

15. Veni, bidet, vinci

16. China vagina

17. mermaid marmalade

18. foot with footnote

19. pizzicato pizza

20. onanist out of self–compassion

21. blasphemy in blue

22. my dear old fellatio

23. post scriptum, post scrotum

24. prosciutto of prostitute

25. storming of the pastille (la prise de La Pastille)

26. in God we trust, engulf the twist

27. example of tautological apologetic: apologia of the apology

28. The Dolomite Alps, the Sodomite Alps

29. coincidentia oppositorum: coincidentia suppositorium (coincidence of suppositories)

30. Taras Bulba, Taras Vulva