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About the revolt in Madrid in May and June 2011: Seized square, magnetized square: the citadel of an realized utopia

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This square is now a constantly renewed citadel, in the sense that it isn't fixed by external boundaries, but extends according to the requirements of material, mental and spiritual necessities in which even here imagination is admirable as well as an organizational ability that demonstrates the falsity of the perpetual present time of the economy. In this regard, one of the ways in which time is being lived is the one without money. Since the rising of the movement of disobedience, the money has been expelled from this city which, how partially you like, is the living embodiment of a concrete utopia that is being realized. Without money – marvelous assertion of the practical truth of poetry. And it is so that assemblary imagination and organization, horizontal, fraternal (how hasn't this word been actualized and how hasn't it become a formidable force that forever seemed to have lost its energy, all its truth!) have achieved, in its turn, to establish the communism of genius – all the creativity for the people and by the people, in their experimental,  playful and organized expressions and their practices. 
And let us not forget another thing: that private property, as we never had seen it before, had been abolished in the square in which, through the days, a citadel without doors had been built, with its inner streets, libraries, pharmacies, kindergarten, food services... and furniture that belongs to no one because it comes from the whole human community that has been founded here. Beds, sofas, mattresses, blankets, chairs, bulbs, lamps, books and an urban garden built around a fountain... Is not this, with all the modesty you want, one form a any dreamed utopian city, provided with full autonomy, with an ”urban”, ”territorial”, human, ”economic” (remember: no money) organization, etc., admirable? With the difference that the dream has come true, that this city has taken shape, and that in it lives a community without masters. It is necessary to enter it, to  tumble in it, to savor its taste, feel its sound, see its landscape, smell its smells, socialize with one or another, or simply watch with eyes wide open this feast of the senses.
The space-time as we knew it has been abolished in this citadel, which is to say in order to avoid any confusion, in the whole square, and from the evening of the 28th to the 29th of May, in all the squares and streets around it.
(Published in El Rapto # 7, January 2012)