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About the revolt in Madrid in May and June 2011: The dangers of the infantilization of the movement

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If the movement that started on May 15 has already produced wonderful fruits that have shaken Spain, Europe and virtually the whole world, if the contagious example of self-management, real and direct democracy, spontaneity, organization, fraternity and courage to challenge all dogmas and all absolute truths, if this experience that is creating a new society just as it has raised a real city that is also a maze of desires, if this has happened, let us remember that it wasn't for nothing that and didn't happened free of charge. From the 24 arrested on the night of 15 who were cruelly beaten by the police to those who have dared to speak and give their opinion, overcoming the vertigo of the stigma which had been inoculated in them since childhood against the temptation of exhibiting their true problems and desires, passing, of course, not forgetting the comrades who have given the best of themselves and not just to compete neither to further enrich the slave power, but to make it work and grow and move on, people who have been working in the kitchen, carrying water to the assemblies to relieve the heat, erected tents and food shops and improvising to resolve the thousands technical, management and organization problems... all the friends who are exhausted and who have given us their free time and even risked their work or exams because they know as we all know that what is now being dealt with here is the most important... No, the 15-M movement did not come free of charge. We are risking everything.

Because of this, some of us are being hurt, concerned and outraged by certain signs of infantilization and trivialization of the movement that are appearing both in the media and within our own ranks, and while the former is inevitable, the latter should not. Because it is a shame and sultry that the cavernous media compares the concentrations brimming with noise and fury and joy of last Friday and Saturday with a game of football, a giant drinking party or a rock festival (even if a similar folkloric element as well as mass tourism might have appeared in them). Equally, it is both funny and manipulative that another ”progressive” paper publishes the photo of a protester hugging a police officer to prove that she is, after all, as good-natured and friendly as... inoffensive (when perhaps the embraced was possibly a relative, or a buddy of binges), but little can be done against the nastiness and fantasy of the media.

But much worse seem to us other things such as that the committees and the assembly bother to take the filthy and hypocritical offer of Inditex seriously, one of the multinationals that are destroying our lives and the planet, to provide free electricity to the very same camp that is supposed to dream of the abolishment of that company and of all the others. Or that the possibility is being discussed of removing the posters and stickers that so much adorn the square with an unprecedented glow of people's creativity and of poetry at last made by all, because it slows down consumption and the circulation of money, when the abolition of ubiquitous advertising that devours the city, of consumerism and of the sad figure of the compulsive consumer should also be other objectives of a camp that says aim to reinvent society and its productive fabric. Or, even more absurd and hurtful, that the assembly on the afternoon of Monday 23 gives credit and applauses the information that a peaceful, voluntary (when it is known that that will be decided by the assembly of next Sunday) and ”nice” eviction is being negotiated with the police, and that, amazement of amazement!, police chiefs share many of our complaints and seek to avoid charges, fines and detentions. Come on!

Have we perhaps forgotten the repression of the 15-M movement, the beating of the detainees, the arbitrary eviction of Monday night? How can we bite that hook and then continue speaking not even of Spanish revolution, but merely of revolt, protest, change? On Sunday morning the assembly was shocked by the statement of 15-M detainees, where for example it was described how police colleagues humiliated those who wore baggy pants and dreadlocks or were vegan, and laughed at those who had serious medical problems, or simply at the one who had been playing football and whose crime was ”to be in the wrong place at the wrong time”. How can the same assembly subsequently swallow so many lies and cheer at the big bosses who ordered and directed such respectful and restrained show?

It is not a question of unjustifiedly hating the police, or of displaying the most radical gesture in a show of revolutionary purity, but trying to keep things clear, because not only alcohol clouds the mind, but also and much more the toxic waste of the propaganda of power that justifies itself and its own repressive forces from the very moment we were born. Because, like it or not, regardless of the good or ill will and the essential humanity of the police officer, the military, the personnel manager, the executive representative or the politician, such is the role they play and that ultimately is but obeying orders of those who pay them, ruining our lives. Such people may one day break with that role and join us as brothers, incredible miracle that yet has happened certain times in the great revolutions of History; may the right be granted to us, in the meantime, to be distrustful of those who haven't already done so nor are showing signs of doing so, because if the Puerta del Sol is open and calls for many people, it cannot do so for absolutely all unless losing its meaning and its intensity, its truth and its fire. Therefore, nothing can be can expected from the multinationals, the market or the police, just as we expect nothing from the politicians. Because this occupation and liberation of the Puerta del Sol is not a childish play nor another entertainment, but, remember again, a massive illegal act without bosses nor hierarchy, an experiment in real democracy that bases its new legitimacy on the same justice and urgency than that of its rejections and desires.

Illegal for them, a process of forming a new world for us and for all who sooner than later will join us. Never, in any case, any circus act or television set or summer camp or thematic park or playful festival of fraternization with the police, the CEOE (Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain) and the Royal House.

And may they not laugh so much about us because they won't for a long time.

For the proclamation of the Madrid Commune
All power to the assemblies
We want it all and we want it now!


25th May 2011